Think in Color!SM Process

The concept of thinking in color is one that allows organizations to stop thinking in black and white—helping them break free from traditional business models. We work closely with clients to understand their business and get to the root of the problem, but more importantly, convert their data and information into actionable strategies that yield results.

OrangeBoy has taken this approach to consistently deliver a high level of value to all of our clients. The Think in Color mentality is applied every day as a way of ensuring that both OrangeBoy and our clients are on the forefront of innovation. Our proprietary Think in Color! process involves three core elements.

The first element and foundation of the Think in Color! process is analysis. Here, customer data is transformed into valuable knowledge through a logical, layered methodology, using behavioral, descriptive, and proprietary client information. It involves pouring over demographic trends, market data, and comparing information to build a deep understanding of the core elements that will drive organizational change.

The second element and catalyst for strategy development is innovation. Here, customer knowledge is leveraged using insight gained from the analysis phase though the creation of customized strategies aimed toward reinvigorating your marketplace. We believe that innovation is the recognition of the need for change mixed with the creativity to find the correct solution. OrangeBoy encourages all of our clients to continue to Think in Color! even after our engagements end, and in that way become lifetime partners in the drive for excellence in business.

The third element and vehicle of strategy implementation is development. Here, incorporating elements of analysis and innovation, OrangeBoy incorporates work from the first two phases to identify, assess, and align the resources crucial for successful strategy implementation. This stage, while often the least glamorous, is critical because it is usually the most difficult. Change tests our resolve and takes patience, hard work, and organizational focus to make it happen.

Through the Think in Color! process, OrangeBoy’s provides objective, experienced and trusted guidance. Our clear, fact-based process will allow your organization to truly focus on what it does best and still meet its organizational goals.

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