What's in a name?

We're cat-minded people. Hence the name OrangeBoy named after our founder's orange, male cat Opie. The name of our business intelligence platform Savannah is no different. 

Savannah's namesake is the boldly spotted domestic hybrid Savannah cat, a cross between a domestic feline and a wild African Serval. Similar to the distinct hunting capabilities of a Savannah cat, OrangeBoy's product Savannah utilizes precision-based analytics to inform and target customers’ needs, and provides tools that provide spot on customer engagement.

Savannah Brown Color.jpg

Often compared to dogs for their devotedness, the Savannah cat is a social and loyal breed—exemplifying the same characteristics of successful customer engagement using the platform’s key benefits and features.

Savannah’s colorful brand links to OrangeBoy’s motto “Think in Color,” challenging clients to break out of traditional molds and get to the root of the problem by converting data and customer knowledge into actionable strategies that yield results.

(It's also a nice coincidence that Savannah is spelled just like the historic city in Georgia where this photo was taken by OrangeBoy's President Sandy Swanson.)