OrangeBoy has been helping clients THINK IN COLOR  for more than 20 years, using customer insights to drive results.




Inspired by a little orange cat named Opie, OrangeBoy founder Clark Swanson set out to tackle challenging business problems by studying consumer behavior. Opie's colorful character and desire to stand out, be bold and see things differently became the OrangeBoy motto: Think in Color.

We offer a unique perspective and inspire clients to approach business problems by putting themselves in their customers' shoes, using data and insights to drive decisions and measure impact. 

OrangeBoy started in 1996 as a fundraising consultancy applying donor analytics to formulate and execute strategy, and then evolved into a strategic planning and customer segmentation company for social service and government-related entities.

Today, OrangeBoy offers Savannah®, a software as a service (SaaS) customer intelligence platform designed to help organizations report customer insights in real-time. Savannah also offers tools to engage customers using targeted email communications and mechanisms to gather valuable customer feedback.

Savannah is offered as a web-based platform, but can be combined with OrangeBoy consulting services to create a custom solution. Our consulting services offer clients expertise to translate trends, develop strategies, create strategic plans, allocate resources or implement marketing or branding initiatives.

If you are looking for data-driven decision-making tools or expert business consulting, OrangeBoy is here to help you succeed.

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