You’re Doing Marketing Wrong: Why Targeted Emails Make Your Cardholders Happy

Guest Blog Highlights from the Super Library Marketing blog by Angela Hursh

Hursh has a bold statement about email marketing:

“If your library is not sending regular, targeted email messages to your cardholders, you are doing marketing wrong.”


She’s speaking from experience, having spent over a year honing in her Library’s messaging methodology. Now the PLCHC is regularly sending relevant messages customers want to receive.

Hursh addresses the three fears that typically hold libraries back from tackling email marketing:

  • Asking for cardholder email addresses
  • Invading cardholder privacy by segmenting
  • Missing the opportunity to get the message out to all cardholders 

Keep reading as Hursh addresses each with a post on her personal blog (not associated with the PLCHC).

Need help getting started with targeted email messaging?

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Our 5-page Marketing Guide

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About Angela

Angela Hursh left a career in the TV news business to accept her dream job as Content Team Leader for the Marketing Department of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. She is an advocate of collection marketing for libraries and specializes in targeted email messaging, and she also drives strategy for the content team's efforts to reach unique groups of library users. She loves to read and listen to audiobooks. Bernard Cornwell, Stephen King, Jodi Picoult and Philippa Gregory are her favorite authors. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, and their two daughters. You can follow Angela on Snapchat and Twitter @Webmastergirl or on her website,