You’re Doing Marketing Wrong: Why Targeted Emails Make Your Cardholders Happy

You’re Doing Marketing Wrong: Why Targeted Emails Make Your Cardholders Happy

When it comes to library marketing, Angela Hursh knows what to do and what not to do. As the marketing content team leader of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (PLCHC), Hursh exercises her marketing muscles daily. She offers her professional library marketing insights and expertise on her personal blog Super Library Marketing. (Note: Hursh's blog is not associated with the PLCHC.) Read more about her email marketing strategies here and download a free guide to Building Effective Targeted Messaging.

A Levy is More Than a Campaign: Winning Begins and Ends with Vision and Value

November 8, 2016 was a monumental day for the Mid-Continent Public Library (MCPL) in Kansas City, MO. Three counties in the area - Jackson, Clay and Platte - included library levy Proposition L on their ballots. The library levy requested an 8 cent increase that would raise property taxes from 32 cents to 40 cents per $100 of assessed valuation, adding an estimated $9.5 million to the Library’s current annual operating budget of $42 million. Learn how MCPL delivered a winning strategy.


Measurement Can Help You Speak Volumes About Vision and Value

Value represents the public good our communities receive from the billions they invest in public libraries annually. Vision defines that benefit. However, a vision without a means of measuring its value is unconvincing, and value without vision lacks meaning. OrangeBoy’s Founder and CEO explains our simple approach to delivering and communicating value.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Earns Marketer of the Year Award

Innovative strategies and solutions for marketing library services earned CML the recognition. In the recent article announcing the award, the Library shared how OrangeBoy’s analytics software Savannah was critical to their success. 

New Approach to Library Card Renewals Improves Process for Customers and Library System

Pioneer Library System in Norman, OK is making it easy for its customers to maintain a relationship with the library. When it comes time for customers to renew their cards, the Library turns to SaaS platform Savannah to automate the process, presenting customers with a number of options so they can choose what is most convenient for them.  

Marin County Free Library’s Strategic Plan Brings 1,673 Youth Back to the Library

Your library developed your strategic plan with a clear road map designed to carry out your mission, but how do you put your plan into action? How do your measure progress toward the goals you defined? What outcomes do you monitor to measure your organization’s performance? Find out how Marin County Free Library is monitoring and measuring strategic plan implementation.

Data and Targeted Emails Make Big Impact on Election, Result in New Facilities for Pioneer Library System

A strong, accessible public library is an important part of any community. So how do you raise awareness about a ballot initiative and get results? Read here about how Pioneer Library System used data and communication to accomplish some big goals in 2015.

How Target Emails Help Connect Customers to One of Your Biggest Assets: Your Collection

How many times do you finish that page-turner and say I wish I could find another book as riveting as this? The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is using targeted messages sent through customer engagement SaaS solution Savannah so that library patrons never have to go too long to hear about that next great read.