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Bring 'Em Back - Re-Engaging Library Customers through Integrated Campaigns

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (CML) was faced with both a challenge and opportunity – the library needed to better understand their customers.  With a database of more than a million customers, 72 percent were considered inactive and of those that were active, 44% were “occasionals,”.  This provided the library with a clear opportunity – they had a large base of customers who at one point had an interest and relationship with the library, they just had to figure out a way to bring them back. 

Since the marketing department already had a welcome email formatted, they developed a series of messages aimed at lapsed customers and occasionals, letting them know that they were missed and highlighting an interesting new service to tempt them back. In addition, CML utilized market segmentation data to narrow down individuals by the branches and services they last used, allowing the marketing team to develop focused messages pairing them with appealing images of library users. After its first year, the campaign resulted in 51,700 lapsed library users becoming active again.

Join Marketing and Communications Specialist Katy Rust as she discusses how the library utilized the tools within OrangeBoy’s Savannah to not only better understand their customers, but also re-engage them.  Three years later, Katy can also discuss lessons learned during this process.

Presenter: Katy Rust, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library