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Get ‘Em, Keep ‘Em and Bring ‘Em Back!

Congratulations on a successful Library Card Sign-Up Month!  We celebrate and applaud libraries' efforts to leverage this opportunity, but now comes the hard work!  How many of your new cardholders will use their library cards within the next 3 months?  How many will be active cardholders in 12 months? So, now that you’ve got them, how do you keep them?

Join OrangeBoy Senior Account Manager Abigail Rosh and Account Manager Kate Jacobs on October 23 as they discuss the entire customer lifecycle with an emphasis on developing marketing campaigns for new cardholders and occasionals.  In addition, learn how to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns in engaging and keeping your new cardholders.

During the webinar, attendees will learn:

-          The impact of new cardholder and occasionals campaigns;

-          How to develop new cardholder and occasionals campaigns;

-          How to measure cardholder retention;

-          Learn what barriers are for market penetration and ways to address these barriers; and

-          Ideas for how to bring your cardholders back!

Presenters: Abigail Rosh, Senior Account Manager, and Kate Jacobs, Account Manager, OrangeBoy, Inc.

Earlier Event: October 21
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