The Savannah® web-based customer intelligence platform provides six distinct software products in one.

Savannah houses a data warehouse, proprietary customer segmentation, performance reports, target customer communications, NPS feedback, and GIS mapping capabilitiesall in a single platform.

Default View with Clickable Reports

Default View with Clickable Reports


Web-based and accessible anywhere. No hardware or software to install or upgrades to worry about. Set up is easy.

The highest security. Savannah's security ensures data is only accessible by approved users in your organization.

Data is viewable in real-time, making it actionable. Built-in business intelligence reports provide an effective means to understand where your library is in relationship to its objectives in real-time.

A business intelligence report library with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including peer comparisons to other libraries.  Reports also provide customer insights via proprietary library usage segmentation.

Benchmark performance against other Savannah libraries. Use tools to understand your organization's market reach, customer retention and customer engagement levels compared to others.

Send one-time or recurring automated messages. Use Savannah's dynamic list functions to automate customer communication. 

Build reports to leverage Savannah's data warehouse. Tap into Savannah’s backend integrated data warehouse and build your own reports using Excel and BI tools like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, for data analysis and visualizations.

Engage in live support and free web-based training. Live Account Management is provided during onboarding and data integration and assisting with product renewals and platform-wide releases or purchased upgrades/add-ons. Free online training tools are offered in the Savannah Community and via email invitations to live webinars.

Be part of a nationwide community of users. As a Savannah client, you'll be part of our community of library users who share successes with each other.

Administrative services include missing data alerts and US Postal Service address standardization, as well as geo-coded customer records for use with Savannah's GIS Mapping capabilities.

Manage relationships throughout your organization. Use tags and contact management tools to organize, manage and enrich customer records, and send messages to various constituent groups, including customers, donors, volunteers or Friends of the Library members. 

Analyze with ease. Business intelligence reports provide ways to measure targeted email messages and view performance analytics without needing technical expertise. 

Promote products and services. Create, automate and deliver highly-targeted email communications in rich text or HTML design. Savannah features mobile-ready templates allowing users to simply click and add content. 

Measure open rates, click-throughs, unsubscribes, mobile device views, bounces and even conversion rates—one of the powerful benefits of the integrated platform.

Understand customer satisfaction following a recent library experience. Automated Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) makes it easy to understand customer library experiences to build customer loyalty.

Interpret your customers' geographic patterns and trends. Map customers and contacts to understand geographic trends by cluster or other unique characteristics. 

Segment customers. Utilize OrangeBoy's proprietary and dynamic library usage segments called clustersbased on your customers' behavior, embedded in Savannah.

Want to create your own segments? Use Savannah's query functions (customer and activity filters) to target a "sliver" (our technical term for a portion or a slice of a cluster) or use geographic, demographic or usage filters to make your own.

Industry expertise. Virtual delivery of access to training tools and materials and success resources, including emails with news, updates, insights, successes and tips from our team.

Support services. Live support is available during normal business hours 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT, including user documented problems via open Support Cases or verifiable issues with platform performance. Site set-up, onboarding and integration of supported third-party data sources. A dedicated Account Manager answers "How-to" questions.

Sample Business Intelligence Report (Using Dummy Data)

Sample Business Intelligence Report (Using Dummy Data)

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